Zelig Portrait
Kana ゼリグ
Romaji Zerige
Role Antagonist
Affiliation Ninteldo Empire
Gender Male
English voice actor Chris Niosi
Japanese voice actor Takehito Koyasu
Origin The Legend of Zelda

Zelig is one of the main antagonists in the Aoi Sekai no Chūshin de series. He is based off of Link from The Legend of Zelda.


Zelig has spiky golden hair tied up into an extremely long pony tail and blue-colored eyes. He also wears a forest green tunic and is almost always seen with a sinister smile on his face.He also wears a necklace that has a triangle with the design resembling the Tri-Force. 


Zelig is a lunatic and brutal man with a love of fighting and killing others, as shown when he was laughing as he killed his enemies he is also a mute and likes side-stepping.


Zelig is the lead general of Ninteldo's army.


Zelig is presumably a talented swordsman. His sword is also shown shooting beams out of it. He also is known as the man who solves all mysteries. He is presumed to be a genius in combat, he is also addicted to Lon-Lon milk.


Zelig is a parody of Link from The Legend of Zelda franchise, both have spiky blonde hair, wear green clothing, are skilled with sword and are both swordsmen, both shout loud battle cries when fighting, can shoot beams from their swords, and Zelig wears a necklace based off of the Hōjō clan crest, the inspiration for the Triforce.