Tejirof Portrait
Kana テジロフ
Romaji Tejirofu
Role Supporting
Affiliation Segua Kingdom
Gender Male
English voice actor Y. Chang
Japanese voice actor Hiro Shimono
Origin Tetris

Tejirof is one of the protagonist of the Aoi Sekai no Chūshin de series. He is based off of Tetris.


Tejirof wears a green robe (perhaps silk) that has a yellow highlight line going down the fold. Underneath this is simple, skintight black clothing. His right ear is perced with an earing resembling a 3D version of one of the L-shaped blocks from Tetris. found on his right side is a dagger with a hilt shaped like another L-block, this one being flat and made of some kind of wood. He is also often seen with a small monkey, which later takes a liking to Nil, monkeys being a prominent theme in Sega Tetris releases like Dekaris.


Tejirof comes over as a kind of arrogant guy who makes perverted jokes and statements, but appears to be a nicer guy after all. Despite his arrogent statments, he can read someone like a book and knows far more than he lets on, or bothers to say. He has shown attraction to Ramses, most likely as a way to try and salvage whatever relationship the two had had in the past, but these also could be pure perverted.


Tejirof was Ramses's instuctor at Puzzle Magic Acadimy. Due to his constant perverted statements towards her, it is safe to assume they have a history in bed togeather.

Durring the start the show, Tegirof is called in by Ramses as a mercenary, who's original purpose is unknown, and becomes Gear's trainer. Being the most knowledgeable of the Special Force Team, He eventually continues on to become trainers of Opal and even Nil. He is the mentor and stability of the team.


Tejirof is a man trained in the ability of Puzzle. He is constantly seen creating grids of light as one of his main form of combat. These grids do not last long, but are strong enough to stop a charging Gear dead in his tracks. Although this is his strongest and most sucessful form of combat, he is more often seen using the stick he carrys with him as a weapon, although this could just be becuase he is more often seen fighting in sparing matches rather than normal combat (Opal & Gear's field in the team).