Ramses Portrait
Kana ラムセス
Romaji Ramusesu
Role Supporting
Affiliation Segua Kingdom
Gender Female
English voice actor Theresa Buchheister
Japanese voice actor Yukiko Monden
Origin Coulmns

Ramses is a supporting character that appears in the Aoi Sekai no Chūshin de series. She is based off of Columns.


Ramses has long, pink hair that goes down to her shoulders. She wears a headband, necklace, and other accesories that are covered in jewels to represent the columns from Columns. She wears a purple turtle-neck shirt and shoulder guards. She has a sword that she carries on her belt, yet to be seen using it. She is one of the only characters whose eyes aren't the same as her outfit or hair.


Ramses is shown to be calm and collective leader who cares about her men and wanting to win the war. Ramses has a very satisfied personality, she does not have any real noticeable quirks as of now. Ramses is actually quite tolerant, even with Tetrijof perverted mind. Ramses shown to feel guilty about not telling who General Alex was and her past.



Ramses has shown no known powers as of now, but she has attended Puzzle Magic Academy like Tejirof and possible a Puzzle Magic user like Tejirof.