Gear Portrait
Kana ギア
Romaji Gia
Role Protagonist
Affiliation Segua Kingdom
Gender Male
English voice actor Matt Shipman
Japanese voice actor Nobuhiko Okamoto
Origin Sonic the Hedgehog

Gear is the main protagonist of the Aoi Sekai no Chūshin de series. He is based off of Sonic from Sonic the Hedgehog and the Sega Game Gear. He is active resident of the Segua Kingdom.

He is the son of General Alex.


Gear has cobalt blue, neck length hair with a matching eye color. He regularly wears a blue and white-trimmed shirt with dark colored shorts. He wears bandages around his hands, wrists, legs, and feet, which only exposes his fingers and toes.

He's very lean and muscular for his age and exposes his abdomen and chest at times.

Gear's mark (Episode 1)

Gear's Killer mark

Gear's Killer mark, which looks like two triangles facing away from each other, is on his forehead. 


Gear is strong-willed, as evidenced by his will to join the army and defeat the Ninteldo Empire. One of his trademark quotes is to "keep running forward". He frequently says this in his conscience to remind himself why he joined the Segua Army in the first place. He is also a forgiving and kind-hearted. Gear does not entirely share the personaity of his counterpart Sonic the Hedgehog; Sonic is more impatient and second guesses himself less than Gear. However, they both share a friendly personality. Like his counterpart, Gear likes to run at his top speed when fighting opponents and is proud of his speed.


Prior to the beginning of the series, Gear had apparently decided to stay out of the war between Segua and Ninteldo and had gone to live in the mountains with his best friend, Til , and younger sister, Nel .  

One day, after Ninteldo troops attacked Gear and Nel, and killed Til, Gear swore he would take down Ninteldo and avenge his friend. Gear went with his sister to enlist in the Segua Army. There, he ends up having to defeat several opponents, before he is allowed entrance into the army by Ramses. Gear then meets Opal, another member of the army, who shows dislike for him at first glance. Later that night, Gear finds a letter from her asking for a fight at a certain location. Gear obviously accepts this and goes off to face Opal. When she sees him, she expresses her dislike of his personality and says that the first person to land a solid blow wins their duel.She proclaims that if she wins, Gear must leave the army and castle, but if he is to win, she promises to whatever he asks. Despite Opal's tactics, Gear easily manages to land a solid punch on her, but also ends upunintentionally knocking her unconscious in the process, thus the latter having to carry her back to the castle. When Opal wakes up to find out where she is, she is embarrassed and asks Gear to put her down, to which he just ignores and talks about himself.

The next day, Opal seems to be on better terms with Gear, evening joking with him , to which Ramses finds strange. Ramses then tells Gear, Opal and Nel that she brought them because she wanted to introduce a man to them, which would soon become their new ally.

Gear, Opal, and Nel then begin their training with Terijof for the assault on Hope Fortress. On the first day, Tetrijof decides to put any doubts they have of him by defeating Gear with one hit. This takes a toll on Gears' pride, but he does not let it bother him. He vows to never let Ninteldo continue to murder and conquer, and they end their first day of training. The next days would involve revealing the "Killer" powers the group possesses and teaching them to use it.

During the assault on Hope Fortress, they run into a scout who was badly injured. He begs one of the group to absorb him. Gear asks what he means by absorb, and Opal explains how "Killers" can absorb life force. Terijof tells Gear not to absorb him though as it would be a waste of one of his two times to absorb life force. They are then attacked by Bays, reference to Bubble Bobble, but he is stopped by Tejirof's puzzle magic.

Inside the fortress, Gear finds General Alex. He also discovers that Alex is his father, and that Ramses plan was for Gear to absorb him if Alex was too wounded to fight. Alex, to hurt to move, accepts his fate and apologizes to Gear for being a disappointment of a father. Gear begins to cry saying he was happy just to finally see him, but he dies before he can respond. Following his death, Gear continues to absorb his father and gain an increase to his attributes.(The absorbtion of Alex is a reference on how SEGA passed on the role of mascot to Sonic, when it was originally planned to be Alex Kidd.)

During this, Opal has defeated D. Fisher. However, the noise got the attention of Boys, Bays younger brother, and Opal could not move from the attack. He begins to grope her and laugh about torturing her. Gear dashes in and tackles Boys away. Boys realizes what has happened and begins to mock Gear about how he defeated and tortured his dad; this angers Gear and he immediately smashes boys head into the ground. Gear asks Tejirof if he can fight now that the missions over, in which Tejirof replies yes. Gear proceeds to single-handedly take down the fortress.

Gear recieves the name "Blue Sonic" for his incredible and powerful feats during the war. He also receives the attention of the "Killers" around Consume.


Gear Running (Episode 1)

Gear's Speed

Being based off of Sonic, Gear is a "Killer" who combat style are of Action abilites. He displayed the abilities to run at such velocities, that he can break the sound barrier and instantly reach mach 10,000,display extradordinary superhuman agility and superhuman reflexes which allow him to evade and dodge enemy attacks,traps and obstacles in his way, much like his video game counterpart. While not often,he also shows even enough strength to push,lift and throw objects much larger than he is and punch through solid walls. It was even admitted by Ramses, Opal and Tejirof that he has potential to help win the war.[1]

Gear has also shown rather impressive skills with hand-to-hand combat. He, like his video game counterpart, can use his legs to their fullest by being to use split kicks,scissor kicks and axe-kicks,while using speed to land hundreds of massive and powerful punches and kicks within seconds

In the opening to Ao Sekai Chuusin de, Gear is seen performing what looks like the trademark Spin Dash(or Sonic Boost) maneuver from Sonic the Hedgehog. However, he is covered in blue flames and it is not known if this will become an actual ability.


Gear is based off of Sega's titular mascot, Sonic the Hedgehog. Gear shares an amount of similarities to Sonic from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. Both have blue hair, supersonic speed and reflexes, are a bit laid back, and have a strong will to protect what is right. The two share similar morals and personalities like keeping peace. Their similar personalities leads them to have a will to live by: Gear's will is to keep moving forward at all costs and reach his goal. Sonic's will isn't technically a will, but his attitude is based off of Bill Clinton's "Get it done" persona. Both have a best friend who has a very close, brother-like relationship with a young boy.